Tuesday, 3 July 2012

# 101: Go to a legit concert

Juno Award winning Canadian RnB singer Jully Black had a free concert in my city for the Canada Day weekend and it was great! She performed "Until I Stay" (my favourite song by her), Sweat of the Brow, 7 Day Fool, Running and a whole bunch of other songs. It was a lot of fun; there were old men dancing and lots of fist pumping going on. She has a very strong, soulful voice and seems like a nice person :). Free concerts are a great way to have fun this summer; I think I'll be going to a few more! What was your first concert?

Update: I also went to see Lights, who performed "Drive my Soul," "Toes," "Banner" and some songs from her latest album. She was great!

P.S. The blog will be up and running now since summer has officially begun! Hope you all enjoy your summer!

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