Thursday, 30 June 2011

#80. Go on “Dropzone (Drop Tower)” at Canada’s Wonderland

CWL Entrance (photo by me)

Before I say anything else, please refer to #138, my latest addition. Yes, my life list has changed once again. It changed a few months ago when I added 36 things to it, and it changed again today when I replaced half of one thing with a new one.  I think that it should change from time to time simply because we as people change (even in minor ways) from time to time, and so our goals and desires change.  This is not to say that I will start changing everything on this list, in fact, I plan on keeping it very similar to what it is now (with more additions, of course)and will definitely try my best not to delete anything completely (ie. I will attempt everything at least twice). 

That being said, yesterday I went on Dropzone, the 240 ft tower, at Wonderland finally!! What an experience! We slowly elevated, and I felt that the top would never come. It just kept going up and up, while my eyes were closed of course. I finally opened them near the top to see the whole park below me and suddenly we dropped at 16 km/s, and I screamed the entire 3 seconds or so. This has always been a ride that I was terrified of. Today, I conquered that fear and I must say it was quite liberating.  It was an amazing adrenaline rush and I would definitely do it again. I had a blast at Wonderland yesterday, great place to visit as always!  (Most photos, incl. the one of me on dropzone, were taken with my friends' cameras so will be up later).

Dropzone as seen from a distance (photo by me)

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